Should I live with my mother?

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Side A's Take

I love my mother very much, she take care me since i was 3 as a single mother, i very thankful and grateful I have her in my life, but one thing very struggling me is she love control me a lot, for example if i post anything she don’t like on facebook, she will ask me to take it down, or she don’t like my profile picture, or i too close to others aunties... so many reason cause me depressed, i should live with her right? Because she is my mother.

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Side B's Take

This is a tough one. A mother usually has a lot of influence on a child's life. They have a special connection. However, in my opinion, it depends on what it is you're doing with your life. Are you working towards a certain goal and is public perception an important part of that? Would a company feel less inclined that you're able to stand on your two feet if you're still living with your mother? Or would they want you to be more independent as a sign you're able to do business well enough to afford it living on your own. This is a big issue in Western culture. So in my opinion no, you should move out when you're able.

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