Should I believe her?

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Side A's Take

Last year, when I first met my girlfriend, I took her for an overseas vacation to celebrate her birthday. But when I was looking forward to what she prepared for me, I was disappointed to find out that she didn't prepare anything. Her explanation is she was making a handmade gift for me but then realized it was a bad idea and she hadn't got enough time to prepare another.

When my girlfriend's birthday came around this year, I got two tickets to her favorite singer's concert and also bought her dinner at a posh restaurant. Although those tickets didn't cost me a fortune, I did spend lots of time searching for tickets as those sold by official site go quickly. But this year again she didn't prepare anything and said that she has completed a handmade thing but it doesn't look good so she trashed it.

Her explanations don't make sense if you like someone and care about this person, you'd do anything you can within your capacity to make her/him happy. But my girlfriend has ignored my feelings twice on top of she is always a receiver in our relationship. So she either doesn't care about me that much or she is simply a selfish person.

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Side B's Take

I think maybe you love her more than she loves you. She may be used to it, enjoying the feeling of being loved. You can believe that she really has the intention to prepare gifts for you, she may have other reasons, need to communicate more, maybe you never asked her about the gift? She may not ask you to give him the same feedback.

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