Is a hotdog a sandwich?

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Side A's Take

Yes, the hotdog is a sandwich. Anything put between two buns is a sandwich. If you put a slice of butter on a slice of bread, and cover it with another piece of bread, then what do you have? A butter sandwich.

With that logic, putting a hotdog sausage in a bun constitutes it to be a sandwich. Framing it a different way, if you put peanut butter and jelly into a hotdog bun, wouldn't it still be a peanut butter and jelly sandwich?

I rest my case.

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Side B's Take

No, the hotdog is NOT a sandwich. I have one simple example to show you why. A bun is a pastry correct? It's bread, so it's considered to be made in pastry. Therefore, would you consider an eclair a sandwich? It's the same shape, same concept of putting something between pastry except in this case, cream. You wouldn't call pigs in a blanket a sandwich right? Hot dogs are not a sandwich!

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