What is Who is Right?

Sometimes you and your friends, partners, or relatives get into many light-hearted debates. Sometimes, you can't agree so we like to hear other people's opinions on our thoughts. That's where Who is Right? comes in. Post a question, your take on that question, then invite the one person you want to debate, discuss, or argue with. They put in their take on your question. The public can then vote on which side they feel is more right.

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Is a hotdog a sandwich?

Views: 5,295

Votes: 4,970

Winning: Side A

Should I kiss her after first date?

Views: 1,712

Votes: 1,531

Winning: Side B

How do I know if this girl likes me?

Views: 869

Votes: 539

Winning: Side A

Should I live with my mother?

Views: 464

Votes: 409

Winning: Side A

Who is better Messi or Ronaldo?

Views: 362

Votes: 217

Winning: Side A

What came first, the chicken or the egg?

Views: 358

Votes: 201

Winning: Side B

Should I believe her?

Views: 362

Votes: 178

Winning: Side A